Membership of TB VOICE GHANA shall be open to persons living with TB or who have directly been impacted by TB. Such persons will be required to register with a district or regional branch of TB VOICE NETWORK GHANA, as the case may be and to subscribe an annual commitment fee determined by the National Executive Council annually.

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TB Contact Tracing for Public Health Facilities

An activity under the CSS project conducted by TB Voice Network and International Health Care Center

West Africa AIDS Foundation is currently undertaking TB contact tracing as part of activities under the Community Systems Strengthening Project (CSS). The activity is initiated to provide support to public health facilities in conducting contact tracing of TB index cases at these selected facilities.

Contact tracing of a TB client is according to national guidelines an activity that needs to be done for each positive TB client. However, many a time, due to lack of the requisite resources including recent cuts in TB funding, most health facilities are not able to do this. click here to download full document.

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