Membership of TB VOICE GHANA shall be open to persons living with TB or who have directly been impacted by TB. Such persons will be required to register with a district or regional branch of TB VOICE NETWORK GHANA, as the case may be and to subscribe an annual commitment fee determined by the National Executive Council annually.

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Our Partners

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Our Corporate Profile

Ghana National TB Voice Network was founded in 2007 by Chief Austin Arinze Obiefuna with the support of Afro Global Alliance and Chest Clinic, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

In 2013, with the support of the West Africa AIDS Foundation the network received capacity building to reform its intervention approach as a Community group. TB Voice Network is a network of people who have survived tuberculosis and affected by the disease and wish to share their experience with other infected patients with the hope of battling the negative consequences of TB.

Often TB could be more easily prevented and/or cured by providing adequate access to information and knowledge and by fighting stigma and discrimination.

Starting as a small community originally based in Accra, our aim is to empower TB communities not only in Accra but also in the rest of Ghana in order to build their capacity and increase their knowledge of the disease.



Our Brand

Our Vision
Eliminating TB by improving access to prevention and care.


Our Mission
influence policy and services provided to communities, to achieve transparency, accountability and equity in access to TB drugs and to guarantee the social welfare of TB patients, by providing an advocacy platform for anyone affected by TB including their relatives.


Where we work
TBVN was set up in Ghana in 2007. The head office is in Accra, while members work in various districts and communities within the region. Plans are to eventually expand to all regions across Ghana. If you are interested in setting up a similar network in other countries of Africa, please do get in touch.

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